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Who We Are


The Asian American GOP Coalition (AAGC) is a national political action committee founded by some key members of a legacy volunteer team of a grossroots movement formally known as the Chinese Americans for Trump (CAFT).

AAGC members come from diverse backgrounds and welcome those of different ethnic groups to join the movement.  Together, we will Make America Great Again!

AAGC is a multi-issue, multi-strategy organization dedicated to protect the integrity of the constitution for the United States.  Our mission is to find and support candidates for federal and local offices –whether it is a new candidate who will share our conservative values or a candidate running for re-election who has proven to preserve such fundamental principles.  AAGC takes a holistic approach to support candidates with donations, voter data analysis, fund raising events, and volunteer operations.

Our mission is to promote, advocate, and advance the conservative values and moral codes for all American families. We aim to influence elections and legislative matters through candidate sponsorship, cross-cultural communication, and local outreach, with an emphasis on Chinese American communities. We also strive to foster dialogues among the rich diversity and complexity of the Asian Americans in general.

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