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Second Amendment

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Adapted from ISRA:


January 2017 Issue

Support  SB206

The Suppressor Bill that will be run in the Illinois Senate is SB206. Please call your State Senators and ask that they support SB206. Session will begin on Monday, January 9, 2017.

Comment: Sound suppressors provides great benefits such as better safety and enhance accuracy. Please see here.

November 2016 Issue

Oppose HB1016 & HB6615

The Illinois House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 held a subject matter hearing on HB6615 (the ammo serialization bill), sponsored by Sonya Harper (D-6) Chicago.  The subject matter hearing on HB6615 was contentious, to say the least.

One added point to the argument against the serialization idea is that it creates a database of ammunition purchasers.  This would lead to all kinds of evil mischief by the government.  This was a subject matter hearing and we will see this bill again; there will be a new form of it next session.

Representative Kathleen Willis has filed Amendment 8 to HB1016 Firearm Dealer Licensing and positioned the bill to move through the House at a moment’s notice. Make no mistake; this bill is about shuttering gun stores through fees and excessive regulations.

Please call your State Representative immediately to voice your opposition to HB1016. This bill can be debated as early as November 29, 2016 so please make your calls Monday, November 28.

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