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Voter Fraud – Florida

原创 2017-10-28 WorldViaSand 美亚之声AAGC


2016 has proved to be anything but a usual election year. It sure will continue to surprise everybody until 2018 mid term . We still remember 2016 Election which was decided by few votes in cirtical swing states.  These few votes determined the fate of USA. Everyone is still wondering if these are examples of a fair system or a rigged system.  We have also seen some articles claiming that there are merely 31 voter frauds per a billion votes.  But most people with common sense know how ridiculous this claim is.  The voting system is very complicated to ensure everyone’s fair and open access to it.   But the complicated system will bring errors and voter fraud inevitably.


Last year before the general election, I have conducted a research on the voter fraud. (  One year after last year's dramatic election, I decided to look at voter fraud problem again since last year' election again showed us how a few thousands votes could change history. 


Remember, in 2000 Election,  out of 5.9M votes, Bush won only by less than 1000 votes (0.017% of total votes) . In 2016 election, Trump won only by less than 120,000 votes out of 9.3M votes. (1.2% of total votes)   But we found at least 12K voter fraud in our data analysis.  This does not include voter registration fraud and voting using other's identity.  Here is the updated analysis for 11/8/2016 Presidential Election. 

Let us just start with common types of voter fraud and errors.

  1. Voter Registration Fraud:

  2. Voter Fraud using legal voter’s identity:

  3. Double voting (ballot stuffing):

  4. Rigged Voting Machine:

  5. Voter buying, Voter suppression, Voter Intimidation and Fraud by election officials:


Now, Everyone is curious and concerned about the validity of this complicated and fragile voting system. So do I.  I decided to utilize my expertise in data analysis to challenge this impossible mission. We all know type 1,4,5 fraud are impossible for us to detect and we should rely on the government to exercise their rights and obligations to monitor and punish these frauds. (fingers crossed)  This will leave us to examine the type 2 and type 3 fraud to certain extend through detailed big data analysis.


We pick Florida as our first choice since this is a Photo ID required state, a current swing state, and a famous year 2000 election state. All data is obtained legally through voter registration service. Due to privacy, I hided all private information except last four digits of voter ID and their birthday. I also validated the data by comparing official 2012 general election and 2016 primary.  I notice that 2016 presidential election data is very close and less than 1% different between my data and official count.  Considering the deceased and people moving interstate, I believe the data is a good reflection of the real election.


Through some further analysis, we discovered numerous evidences of potential voter fraud during last 10 years. We cannot rule out the possibility that voter registration service processes the data inappropriately. But these evidences shown by data definitely exceed the error of margin. 

Remember, in 2000 Election,  out of 5.9M votes, Bush won only by less than 1000 votes (0.017% of total votes) . In 2016 election, Trump won only by less than 120,000 votes out of 9.3M votes. (1.2% of total votes)   But we found over 12K voter fraud in our data analysis.  This does not include voter registration fraud and voting using other's identity. 


1. 765 under age votes and 359 under age voters:
These votes are supposed to be double checked by poll station workers, validated by voting machine, validated again by vote consolidation in data center, and finally verified and signed by voter registration service professionals. When I saw these 765 votes, I cannot stop asking why they slipped through all these gatekeepers?

















































2. 100 elderly voters over 100 years old.

The eldest voter was born in 1856. As I can recall, only 100 persons lives over 113 years in American history.  I really want to know how to live 156 years and vote without media coverage in the poll station.
















































3. 9196 votes registerred after Election Date
All voters are required to register 29 days before election in Florida. These were votes cast even before the voters were registered.  According the election law, these votes are invalid in nature.









































4. 80,945 voters cast 167,333 duplicated votes.
This is what we called “vote often”.  I bet Al Gore will cry like a baby after seeing this. He could utilize these votes to cover his merely few thousand votes in 2000.






































5. 1,937 addresses with 10-50 registered voters totaling 33,249 voters.
These do not mean they are all voter registration fraud. But I exclude all addresses hosting 50+ voters apparently like university dorms, apartment buildings, and voter registration centers.  I did some sampling in these addresses and found many of these are regular residence area that cannot accommodate more than 10 adults.  Otherwise it is a clear violation of municipal codes.


6. 357 ghost Voters and 878 Votes
According to my incomplete list of death information, we are finding ghost voters showing up in the final count.  Some are even showing up in the poll station!  I am wondering if anyone have seen any ghost voting in Florida. 
































Everyone must be shocked when they read all the data. So what should we do as a legal voter?


First, PLEASE REGISTER AND VOTE! Increasing the basis of legal voter will dilute the voter fraud and prevent impersonate voting. Early voting starts today in many states! Check for start times and poll locations!


Second, Please register as poll station workers and it is paid as well. A fair and honest system will protect our democracy regardless of your party affiliation. You can just search “poll station volunteers” and apply for it.  You can also register at to support your candidate as well.


Third, check people registered under your addresses. There are possibilities that your address is used by some other devils. Also check for your friends and family if they are deceased or moved interstate. This will eliminate impersonate voting as well. All you have to do is to search “Voter registration status” + your state and contact authority if there is any problem.


Last, please double check your ballot to make sure it is clear and verified the system accepts your ballot if you are using voting machine.Do take pictures on ballots for proof.  Contact the poll station worker or election attorney if you find any suspicious activity. Also register at preparing for any disputes or verification if something happens again like 2000 election.


Please follow me on twitter @worldviasand. We will release more interesting statistics in the next few weeks. Let us work together to build a fair and honest system and prevent voter fraud.  Let us Make America Great Again Together!


Please contact me if you are want to publish this series of the article. 


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